SuperLottoPlus Pick Graph

What Is The Pick Graph?
The SuperLottoPlus pick graph is a Java program that shows you graphically how many times each of the numbers in the game has been picked within a certain time frame. There are 47 bars from left to right, each bar represents the number drawn from 1 to 47. Above the bar is the number of times the number has been drawn. You can choose different periods to view from the last 26 weeks to all the SuperLottoPlus draws. Only the main five picks are graphed. The mega number is not included. Because of the limited space, the numbers across the top are staggered. The value is in the same color as the bar it is associated with.
Do I Need Anything Special To View The Graph?
Since the pick graph is a Java applet, you need a browser capable of running Java. This means any version of Internet Explorer above version 3.0 or any version of Netscape Navigator above version 3.0. Most browsers provide a setting to turn off the running of Java applets. If you have done this previously, then you might not be able to use the pick graph. If below, you only see text that says "You need a Java enabled browser to view this applet" then you either have a browser that does not support Java, or you have previously turned off Java applet support in your browser.
You need a Java enabled browser in order to view this applet